Songwriter Demo Service

If you are looking for a professional song demo that you can pitch to a record label, publishing company, manager, agent or just for your own personal use, we can help you.


Bring out the best in your songs

We will record your songs to bring out their full potential with our creative musicians who have been working in the industry for many years. Most of the players and singers currently work with major recording artists in the studio and on the road. We are not just a country music demo service, our players are very versatile and can play all styles of music very authentically. Our goal is to create a recording that brings out the best in your song.


Pro facilities

We use a 32 track Pro Tools recording format which has become the industry standard here in Nashville to record albums.


Easy to do

All you need to do is send a rough recording of you song on a tape or CD. A simple guitar vocal or keyboard vocal version is fine as long as we can hear the chord changes. Include a lyric sheet and any specific ideas you may have on the style you hear for your song and we'll do the rest!


We take pride and care with your songs

We take a lot of pride in the music we make, it doesn't matter if you're a hit songwriter or you're just getting started as a writer, we will treat you with the same care.

Please feel free to call or email any questions you may have about the process of getting your songs recorded, and how we can help you bring your music to the next level.

Email us from the contact page or call (800) 391-5636